New Books!

Start the new year off with a new book! Come check out the cool new books we just got in for the new year.


Preserving Your Google Drive Files Saved


When you graduate or move to another school, what happens to the contents of your school-based Google Drive – the files that you access when you sign in The answer is that as ­each new school year begins we delete the accounts for students who are no longer enrolled, to make room for the accounts for newly enrolled students.  Once your account has been deleted you will no longer be able to access the files that you had stored in your Google Drive.  There may be some good stuff there that you do not want to lose!  So what should you do to retain access to your files?

To ensure that you do not lose the files that you have stored in your Google Drive, you may download them to a personal computer. To simplify the transfer of all contents at once, it will be easiest if you move all of the files and folders into a single folder (i.e., Wheeler High Files), and then download the folder to your computer; this will also help keep your files organized.  For detailed instructions on how to efficiently move a large number of files stored in Google Drive to your computer and a personal Google account, follow the steps on Preserving Your Google Drive Files Saved Be aware that sharing your folder or files from with your personal Gmail account will not preserve the files once your school account is deleted!

Use NoveList to Discover a Book that is Meant for You!

NoveList is an online readers’ advisory tool, provided by Georgia’s virtual library GALILEO. Use NoveList to find lists of fiction books based on genre or similarity to other books.  Here are a few of NoveList’s features that you may find helpful:

  • Recommended reads lists by genre (from the home page)
  • Read-alike lists by title, author, or series (first search for a book you like)
  • Series information (change the Keyword search to Series)

After you identify something that you would like to read, search the Wheeler Library catalog to see if we have the book. If the book that you are looking for is not already part of the Wheeler Library collection, then use the Suggest a New Book link on the home page of and we will consider adding it to our next order.

You will need the GALILEO password to search NoveList off campus, stop by the library for a password sticker, or find password assistance on the Library Information page of See the Leisure Reading & Listening section on’s Arts & Entertainment webpage for easy access to NoveList along with links to access eBooks and audiobooks. Library staff members will be happy to assist you with using NoveList to help you discover something new!capture


Digital Options for Leisure Reading/Listening

Capture2Can’t make it to a library to check out a book, or prefer to read on your tablet or phone? You can access all of the following digital resources online, using your favorite tech device.  Once you check an item out you can read or listen even when your device is offline.  You will need a Cobb County Public Library card number to access the following ebooks, emagazines and audiobooks.

Links to the above resources are always available on’s Arts & Entertainment page. Wheeler Library staff members can assist you with getting started!


Over 150 Free eMagazines from Cobb County Public Library

Capture3Whether you enjoy reading informative magazine articles or just flipping through looking at pictures, the Cobb County Public Library eMagazine collection is sure to have a publication that will match your interests. CCPL cardholders have free access to over 150 eMagazine titles that can be accessed on smart phones, tablets, or computers.  You may view both current and past issues; once an issue is downloaded to your device it may be viewed offline.  We recommend that you checkout and download a magazine while on Wi-Fi to avoid consuming costly mobile data.  View our one page quick reference list of eMagazines offered through CCPL, and then search for the magazine of your choice in the CCPL’s eMagazine database. Stop by Wheeler Library if you would like a demonstration or further information about accessing Cobb’s eMagazine collection; or contact the Cobb County Public Library offices by calling (770) 528-2326, or emailing for assistance.

For easy access to CCPL’s eMagazines, and other leisure reading and listening options, visit’s Arts & Entertainment webpage.eMags

Use Google Docs or Presentation Slides to Save Time on Group Work

Next time you need to do a group project try using a shared Google Doc or Presentation to save time and increase participation of all group members. Collaborating in a shared file from the start can help your group get organized; and, because you can work simultaneously, it is easier for all members to see what needs to be done and remain productively engaged.  The revision history can also be useful to see what has been contributed to the document by different group members.

Here is how to get started:

  1. One group member creates the Google Doc or Presentation
    • Give the file a name related to your project
    • Communicate the file name to your group members
  2. Click the Share buttoncapture
  3. In the People box have each group member type in their Gmail or address
  4. Each group member signs in to using their Gmail or address  (more info)
  5. Look for the shared file by clicking Shared with me at the left side in your Google Drive
    • Ask the group member who created the doc for the filename
    • Alternatively, you may access the file from a link in an email invitation sent to your Gmail
  6. Double click on the filename to open the document
  7. Communicate with group members about who will work on various requirements of the project
    • Type some headings for different sections
    • Have each group member work on a section


Connecting to CCSDWireless Network

As of June 1, 2017, COSIGNO/COSIGNORADIUS wireless networks will be replaced by a more user-friendly wireless network called CCSDWireless.

BYOD changes for the 2017-2018 school year include the following:

  1. Staff & Students (Only)
    • CCSDWireless (New BYOD Network):
      1. Users will need a password to join the CCSDWireless network. (Ask your librarian for the password).
    • User Login:
      1. Students- Can now login using their Student ID #
      2. Staff – Login using their Badge ID
    • Internet Filter:
      1. Users will need to install the internet filter certificate.  This will be available on the CCSD Wireless Network landing page after you login to the network or via QR code.


    • CCSDGuest:
      1. Guests will need a password to join the CCSDGuest network. (Ask the librarian for the password).
    • User Login:
      1. Guest users will need to register using their personal email address.  They will need complete the registration process using the password sent to their personal email address.
    • Internet Filter:
      1. Users will need to install the internet filter certificate.  This will be available on the CCSD Wireless Network landing page after they login to the network or via QR code.
      2. Staff and Students who join this network will not have the same internet filter access they have while logged into CCSDWireless.


    Our support documentation and video can be found at the following websites: