Preserving Your Google Drive Files Saved


When you graduate or move to another school, what happens to the contents of your school-based Google Drive – the files that you access when you sign in The answer is that as ­each new school year begins we delete the accounts for students who are no longer enrolled, to make room for the accounts for newly enrolled students.  Once your account has been deleted you will no longer be able to access the files that you had stored in your Google Drive.  There may be some good stuff there that you do not want to lose!  So what should you do to retain access to your files?

To ensure that you do not lose the files that you have stored in your Google Drive, you may download them to a personal computer. To simplify the transfer of all contents at once, it will be easiest if you move all of the files and folders into a single folder (i.e., Wheeler High Files), and then download the folder to your computer; this will also help keep your files organized.  For detailed instructions on how to efficiently move a large number of files stored in Google Drive to your computer and a personal Google account, follow the steps on Preserving Your Google Drive Files Saved Be aware that sharing your folder or files from with your personal Gmail account will not preserve the files once your school account is deleted!


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