Use Google Docs or Presentation Slides to Save Time on Group Work

Next time you need to do a group project try using a shared Google Doc or Presentation to save time and increase participation of all group members. Collaborating in a shared file from the start can help your group get organized; and, because you can work simultaneously, it is easier for all members to see what needs to be done and remain productively engaged.  The revision history can also be useful to see what has been contributed to the document by different group members.

Here is how to get started:

  1. One group member creates the Google Doc or Presentation
    • Give the file a name related to your project
    • Communicate the file name to your group members
  2. Click the Share buttoncapture
  3. In the People box have each group member type in their Gmail or address
  4. Each group member signs in to using their Gmail or address  (more info)
  5. Look for the shared file by clicking Shared with me at the left side in your Google Drive
    • Ask the group member who created the doc for the filename
    • Alternatively, you may access the file from a link in an email invitation sent to your Gmail
  6. Double click on the filename to open the document
  7. Communicate with group members about who will work on various requirements of the project
    • Type some headings for different sections
    • Have each group member work on a section



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