Record and Mix Sound Using Audacity to Enhance Presentations


Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.  You can download the version that is installed on Wheeler Library computers from SourceForge, or find the latest version for your device offered through  Use Wheeler Library’s quick start guide to learn the basics of recording, playing back, editing and saving project files and finalized WAV or MP3 files.  Become a pro by reading the manual or viewing tutorials to learn about advanced features, such as noise reduction, fade in, or studio fade out.

With Audacity you can record narration for a multi-media project, edit out the narrator’s errors and then add a track with imported background music from your computer’s music library. The final audio file can then be used within other applications such as Windows Movie Maker, PowerPoint, or VoiceThread.  You may schedule the small group room in Wheeler Library to record, or talk to a library media specialist for assistance getting familiar with the basic features of Audacity.

Find more ideas for using technology to produce creative digital projects on’s Technology Tools & Tips page, see the Online Presentation Tools & Digital Maker Spaces section.



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