Using Snapchat to Download a Wheeler Library eBook

Many of our eBooks can be download to your device for offline access, which can save you from consuming valuable data or allow you to continue reading in a dead spot. Instructions below, provided by Kristen Hibbert, will guide you through the process of using Snapchat to download and locate an eBook on your device, watch for differences between Android and iOS devices.

Method 1:

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Step 2: Hold your phone up to the QR code of the book you want.

Step 3: Make sure the code for the book is in focus (for ABDO books you have to get closer to the code before the phone can read it properly).

Step 4: Take a snap of the QR code.

Notice: it doesn’t work quite like snapcodes, where you can just have the phone view it. For this method, a picture must be taken.

Step 5: Click “Open Link” on the popup that appears. If there is no popup, repeat step 4, or try Method 2. Save the book to your phone (Android only), or save the book to your Reading List (iOS only). Alternatively, you can copy the link to your phone notes (It helps to put the name of the book in the note with the link).

Method 2:

Method 2 works the same way as method one, except at step 4. Instead of taking a snap of the QR code, press and hold on the screen where the QR code is. If this does not create a popup, try again, changing the distance between the phone and the code, or try Method 1.

Reading a Saved eBook

Saved to Phone:  (Android)

The book should be in the downloads folder of the phone. If not, see a librarian for further assistance, or try another method of saving.

Saved to Reading List:  (iOS)

On your iOS device, go to Safari. Select the book icon, then the glasses icon at the top middle. Find the book link in your reading list, and select it.

Copied to Notes:

Find the note you with the link. Click the link, or copy and paste the link into your desired browser.

Happy reading!



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