Support for Creating Source and Note Cards Using EasyBib

If you already have your sources entered in an EasyBib Bibliography, try the Notebook feature to produce source and note cards to fulfill your class assignment, or just to help you organize your thoughts for a research paper.  Once note cards are created in EasyBib they can be arranged to develop an outline to guide your writing as you develop the paper.  Follow the steps below to start creating note cards for your existing EasyBib project:

  • Select Notebook for the project with your sources (you must enter Wheeler’s EasyBib coupon code to use this feature, ask library staff for the code or join our Google Classroom for password access)
  • Select New note to start a card
  • Select a Source and Title your note card
  • Follow each quote or paraphrase with a properly formatted in-text citation

The step-by-step guide Note Cards from EasyBib explains how to move the source and note cards to Microsoft Word and then format for printing. This instructional guide and additional resources to support students who are writing and formatting research papers are always available on’s Research & Citation Help page.  Visit Dr. Bryan in the Media Center for assistance working with note cards in EasyBib or for a demonstration.




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