Library Database Password Access Anytime You Need It!

If you find yourself working on an assignment off-campus and need to access a password protected resource from, do not worry if you cannot find the password sticker that you picked up on your last visit to the library.  You will be able to see all of the library passwords by joining our Google Classroom.  First go to and login using the following format: for your email address, and your student number followed by whs as the password (i.e.,, 12345whs).  Then, go to and join Wheeler Library’s class using the code 9winjd0.  Look in the announcement stream for a link to the current passwords.  Please stop by the library if you have any difficulty getting connected with our Google Classroom.

You may also access some of our resources through Cobb Digital Library, where you can log in with your student ID number and the password read.  Try the Databases link at the left to see if you can find what you need.DBPasswords


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